The Connections series is a collection of episodes celebrating the human moments we all share – moments that illustrate what we mean when we say that INTEGRIS Health is here For you. For health. For life.

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Episode 3: "A Timely Delivery"


A Timely Delivery

A lifesaving act of kindness borne from a simple, chance encounter.

INTEGRIS Health: For you. For health. For life.

It’s our promise and our invitation to you – to connect with you. To listen to you. To heal you and to keep you well. After all, this is the reason each of us chose health care in the first place.

Understanding the Living Donor Process


Living Donor Transplant Process

Dr. E.N. Shea Samara explains the unique surgical process for living donors.
Who is a Transplant Candidate?
Weighing the Costs
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