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Steps to Your First Half Marathon

28 December 2015

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We’ve got big news for you. You, yes YOU, can finish a half marathon: 13.1 miles. Whether you’ve never walked a mile in your life, haven’t worked out in months, struggle up one flight of stairs, or already walk three miles a day - you can do it. And you can start today! It WILL be challenging. You will push yourself, both physically and mentally, but the benefits and rewards will be worth it. You can achieve a goal that seems impossible and exercise your perseverance muscles while you’re at it, letting that go-getter attitude pour into other areas of your life.

We’ve put together a half marathon training plan for those wanting to tackle their first race, and it starts with the simple act of putting one foot in front of the other – taking Steps to Health. By using the I On Your Health training plan as a guide, you can aim to walk or run your first half marathon in three to four months. It's time to lace up your sneakers and take positive steps in the right direction with the goal of completing your first half marathon.

Steps to Half Marathon 

Think you don’t have time to train?

Our plan calls for 2-3 hours during the work week for training, plus 2-4 hours on the weekend to build endurance with mileage goals. The intensity of the program will build gradually, with days included for cross-training and rest. Cross-training activities may include cycling, yoga, swimming, elliptical, purposeful stretching, planking, calf-raises – any non-walking or running aerobic activity that builds stamina. Seven hours per week – an average of just one hour per day- is a small price to pay when working toward a goal that can dramatically improve your health.

First things first.

The initial weeks of the plan are intended to help you build up your stamina. You should be comfortable walking 30 continuous minutes before getting into the thick of this plan. You’ll want to invest in a good pair of shoes that fits YOUR foot based on your arch and gait. Visit a fitness retailer to be professionally fitted for a quality pair of shoes. And most importantly, check with your physician before beginning any sort of training plan.

Remember, you don’t have to stress about your pace or finish time. Working toward your goal and crossing that finish line triumphantly are what counts! Here’s to your first HALF MARATHON!

Half Marathon Walking Plan  

Don't sabotage your steps.

Don’t negate all your hard work and steps with junk food. Treat the food you're eating as fuel, and make sure to fuel your body properly with plenty of healthy foods. Learn more about pre-race nutrition and how the right foods can help you make the most of your training.