Stanley F. Hupfeld Academy at Western Village

Stanley Hupfeld Academy (SHA) at Western Village is Oklahoma’s first public elementary Charter School, established in 2000. Located in NW Oklahoma City, it is sponsored by the Oklahoma City Public School Board and INTEGRIS Health. Charter status provides site-based management, financial oversight and decision-making autonomy, while the school continues to serve the neighborhood children.

Located near Penn and Hefner Road, Stanley Hupfeld Academy is nestled amidst predominately low income but includes middle income family housing. The student population is 95% minority. 100% of students qualify for free of reduced lunches.

Prior to INTEGRIS Health’s involvement, the neighborhood school had been designated by the Oklahoma State Department of Education as High Challenge and Low Performing for the previous five years and was in danger of forced closure. Juvenile crime rates in the area were at an all-time high. Student mobility and attendance rates were dismal.

With the implementation of an arts-based curriculum, after-school, summer and Saturday-school programs, a school wide reading program and interventions, parent outreach initiatives and the addition of 300 mentors from the business community, the school’s designation as low performing was soon removed, and students are reaching new levels of success and stability.

Significant improvements to the facility have enabled the school to become a neighborhood hub and community center, serving the healthcare needs of the students and their families through an on-site free clinic.

Through the efforts and commitment of many, Stanley Hupfeld Academy has become a very successful public school/business partnership model.