Caregiver Injury and Response Process

With the goal of ZERO harm to patients and caregivers, Caregiver Health & Safety promotes a focus on the foundation of what is safety culture. The following is the Caregiver Injury Process recommended by Caregiver Health and Safety for all INTEGRIS Health Caregivers to follow in the event of an injury.



Assess for Life-Threatening Injuries

First, determine if the caregiver is experiencing any life-threatening injuries. If so, immediately call 911 or transfer them to the nearest emergency department.

Notify Manager/Supervisor

Second, it is the caregivers’ responsibility to inform the manager or supervisor of the injury immediately and create an RL Datix event.

Inform Caregiver Health

Next, the caregiver or the manager should notify Caregiver Health. Caregiver Health has an after-hours on-call nurse available 24/7 for emergencies.

Evaluation CGH Clinic or Emergency Department

The caregiver will then go to either the Caregiver Health clinic or the emergency department as directed by the Caregiver Health nurse or APRN (advanced practice registered nurses). They will be evaluated, treated as appropriate, and the next course of treatment determined.


If necessary, the caregiver may be placed on restrictions at this time. A transitional worker agreement will be created and sent to the manager for review.

Workers Compensation

If caregivers need additional support, they are connected with the Workers Compensation team. This team will collaborate with both manager and caregiver throughout the compensation process.  


The Caregiver Health and Safety team will then analyze the case or injury and will communicate and assign the manager a task in RL Datix to complete the root cause analysis.

Game Plan

In follow-up, the team will arrange a meeting with the manager or direct supervisor to discuss root causes and develop an action plan to prevent such injuries from occurring again.