Volunteer with INTEGRIS Health

For more information about volunteer opportunities at INTEGRIS Health please explore the locations below.

For additional information, you can reach our volunteer services departments at:

Why Volunteer at INTEGRIS Health?

  • Improve and Transform Lives - Including Your Own!
  • Serve and Strengthen Your Community
  • Make contacts with people in a chosen career field 
  • Make a Meaningful and Lasting Impact
  • Gain career experience and build a resume
  • Gain experience and knowledge in a health care setting
  • Inspire others with your Success Story
  • Be part of new research and pilot programs
  • Exercise direct influence over how and to whom the volunteer philanthropy is donated
  • Connect to Others
  • Participate in a well-structured and meaningful program 
  • Give back as a result of a personal experience, either as a patient or family member of a patient in one of our facilities 

INTEGRIS Health Volunteers

Become a Volunteer Today

Over the past two decades we have seen a growing body of research that indicates volunteering provides individual health benefits in addition to social ones. This research, which is presented by CNCS (Corporation for National and Community Service), in a report titled "The Health Benefits of Volunteering..." has established a strong relationship between volunteering and health. Those who volunteer have lower mortality rates, greater functional ability, and lower rates of depression later in life than those who do not volunteer. But don't take our word for it... join us and see for yourself!