Battling addiction is one of the most difficult – and most important – undertakings of your life. Don’t go it alone.

Recovery is within reach.

You’ve already taken the first step.

It’s taken an incredible amount of courage to come to the point you’re at right now. Admitting that you need help, facing down a deadly disease, trusting that there is real hope, though you’re in your darkest hour. These aren’t easy things to do. But your brighter, better future will be built on the steps you are taking right now. And you won’t regret it.

Addiction is a disease. At INTEGRIS Health, we treat it like one. We’ve gathered the best clinicians, therapists, specialists, therapies and more to give you the best possible chance at recovering from addiction. Whether you choose residential treatment at Arcadia Trails or intensive outpatient options at INTEGRIS Health Decisions, the most important component of your recovery is you.

Though addiction isn’t your fault, it’s entirely up to you to be willing to go to any length to fight it. When you’re willing to go to any length, nearly anything is possible. And we’ll be by your side.

Understanding Addiction Recovery

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