Patient Portal

INTEGRIS Health & Me is a patient portal that brings you a secure, powerful suite of new online tools, including the ability to send messages to your physician's office, request appointments online and so much more.

Personalized Health Care That's All About You

INTEGRIS Health & Me is our patient portal, which allows you to manage your health care records in one place. Some of the benefits of using INTEGRIS Health & Me are:

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Ponca City and Woodward patient portal - MyHealthHome online portal

The MyHealthHome online portal offers secure and convenient access to patients' personal health information.

  • Securely and easily manage your healthcare online
  • View recent laboratory results
  • Obtain radiology reports
  • View current medications
  • List current allergies
  • View immunization records
  • Review clinical summaries of the care you received
  • Share your information with caregivers and other providers

Works with Apple Health

Using MyHealthHome with the Apple Health app on iPhone empowers you to better manage your health. You will see a consolidated view of all your health data, including data from MyHealthHome, so you can track your progress in one convenient place.

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