Connection: Dr. Irim Yasin

Patients need many things from their cancer treatment.

Three-Dimensional Approach

Dr. Brian Geister talks about how INTEGRIS treats not just the body, but the mind and spirit as well.

INTEGRIS Cancer Institute: Battlefront

The new battlefront of cancer is using the body's own immune system to stop cancer.

Patient Tom Harris: Gentle Strength

Not even pancreatic cancer could keep Tom from being his family's "glue that holds everything together."

Cancer: From Dark to Light

Cancer can be a dark time in anyone’s life, but the INTEGRIS Cancer Institute is determined to shine some healing light in those dark days.

Cancer Screening Guidelines

Dr. Nasser Janbay provides recommendations for when women and men should be screened for various cancers.

INTEGRIS Cancer Institute

More survivors of more types of cancer.

"It's cancer." If you or a loved one have recently heard those words … you can rest assured. Some of the finest cancer physicians in the Southwest are here to walk with you along your journey. You can use this section to meet many of them personally — listen in as they talk about their backgrounds, experiences and philosophies. Learn about the various treatments and support that is available. And hear from some of our patients, who discuss everything from the diagnosis and treatment to new realities and life after cancer. Nobody ever wants to hear those words … but if you do, there's comfort in knowing you won't be alone. If you have questions or need assistance, call 405-773-6400.

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