INTEGRIS Heart and Vascular Institute of Northwest Oklahoma

Cardiac Catheterization

Cardiac Cath Lab Plays Key Role

The INTEGRIS Health Baptist Cardiac Catheterization Lab plays a key role in the diagnosis and treatment of heart disease. Diagnostic catheterization allows a cardiologist to visualize the degree and location of blockages in coronary arteries and determine the most appropriate treatment option.

This equipment used for Cardiac Catheterization is the first of its kind in Northwest Oklahoma and was part of the $3.5 mil commitment to the program for cardiovascular surgery. The INTEGRIS Health Heart Center’s Cath Lab is state-of-the-art and is equipped for both cardiac and peripheral procedures. This equipment provides cardiologists and radiologists with unprecedented quality of images for both cardiac and radiographic procedures. With the improved images the physicians are able to provide advanced procedures previously only provided in a limited capacity in Enid.

The cardiologists are able to provide angioplasty, coronary stent insertions and other advanced technologies that previously required patients to travel to Oklahoma City for the procedures. One of the newest advancements to the program have been the Drug Eluding Stents for coronary artery blockages.

In addition to Cardiac Catheterization the department also implants permanent pacemakers. Diagnostic and interventional procedures are also available to open blockages in peripheral arteries that feed vessels carrying blood to the lower body.

During all procedures within the Cath Lab, special equipment monitors the pressure in a patient's heart. This monitoring is also continued in the recovery area.

The Cath Lab is staffed by an experienced team, which includes Critical Care Nurses and Registered Radiologic Technologists who have specialized in Cardiac Catheterization procedures. At the end of each case, physicians review digital images taken during the procedure, allowing physicians to make detailed reviews of the angiograph imagery and archive the information.

The INTEGRIS Health Heart Center offers cardiac cath patients the reassurance of knowing that a cardiovascular surgeon and surgical team is available to perform advanced cardiac surgery immediately, if needed.