INTEGRIS Health Hospice OKC

Nursing Care

Our Oklahoma City nursing services are available 24 hours a day. INTEGRIS Health Hospice nurses are specially trained in symptom management and are experts at pain management. Other nursing services include helping with dietary concerns and ordering medical equipment. A home health aide may be assigned to assist with the patient's personal care. Working in conjunction with the hospice nurse, they are a vital part of the team and provide for the personal grooming needs of the patient.

How INTEGRIS Health Hospice nurses support patients and families

In addition to providing medical assistance and administering medications, hospice nurses may act as liaisons between the patient, family and physician. As the patient’s condition weakens, this role becomes even more valuable to the patient and family, as it is important for a patient to enter a hospice program as early as possible. An early referral allows the patient and family enough time to build trust with the hospice nurse before death occurs.

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