INTEGRIS Health Hospice OKC

Spiritual Care

INTEGRIS Health Hospice acknowledges the importance of the spiritual dimension in the care provided to our patients and their families. Our chaplains offer the emotional and spiritual care patients and families may need during the end-of-life journey.

All patients and family members are encouraged to consider how spiritual care might help relieve some of the non-physical pain and suffering brought on by the crisis of life-threatening illnesses. A terminal illness diagnosis is often a time of questioning and reflection about the significance of one’s life and the meaning of one’s death, whether or not one considers himself or herself to be religious or spiritual. Our hospice-trained chaplains have important contributions to offer in this area.

INTEGRIS Health Hospice does not promote any specific religious belief. Our staff will honor the religious and spiritual beliefs and practices of all our patients and families.

INTEGRIS Health Hospice chaplains are available to assist our patients and their families who may not be affiliated with a church, synagogue or any other religious organization. The chaplains also assist in developing relationships with clergy around the metro for purposes of spiritual care, planning funerals and any other desired services.

Chaplain Services

Our INTEGRIS Health Hospice chaplains are concerned for the spiritual well-being of our patients as they face the end-stage of life and for the family members providing the care. 

  • Support the faith of our patients and families without religious boundaries


  • Be a listening ear during difficult times


  • Offer practical help and comfort in times of grief and crisis situations


  • Provide opportunities to recall personal experiences of God’s sustaining, protective and healing presence


  • Support when distressed by religious or spiritual dilemmas


  • Assist in contacting your clergy or locating representation of your own religious traditions


Spiritual care available 24 hours a day. Contact INTEGRIS Health Hospice for chaplain services at 405-848-8884.

A word from our chaplains
Have you ever been at a place in your life when you felt like the bottom was falling out of your world? Have you ever experienced one change after another and another, only to look up and see yet another one coming your way? Could it be these experiences have a place in God’s overall design? Could it be precisely in them and through them, God is opening up a door for us in our journey along the road of life?

We wait in hope for the Lord; he is our help and our shield … may your unfailing love rest upon us, O Lord, even as we put our hope in you.' Psalm 33:20,22.

Lord Jesus, when the bottom drops out of our world, it’s painful, we feel alone, and it seems unbearable. We need a visit from You. Draw along beside us. Be a friend. Bring healing. Amen!