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Hospice Volunteers

Volunteers are a vital part of hospice care.  Volunteers provide comfort and quality in the care of the dying, a listening ear to the grieving family members and support to the hospice staff.

Hospice volunteers come from all age groups and have a variety of cultural.  Social and professional backgrounds.  Many volunteers have first-hand experience with a family member or close friend who has had a terminal illness.  The volunteer training program provides education allowing the volunteer to become more comfortable with hospice services, the dying process and how to assist as a volunteer. 

Why Volunteer?

Volunteering with hospice is rewarding!  Through the efforts of volunteers, hospice continues its important work.  Hospice volunteers provide unique care and form close bonds with patients and caregivers. 

Is Volunteering for You?

Volunteers must be available three to four hours a week to provide hospice care.  Important qualities to be an effective hospice volunteer include the following. 

  • Good communication skills
  • Non-judgmental attitude
  • Reliability
  • Flexibility
  • Compassion

It is important that volunteers are comfortable talking about death and dying.  They also need to be dedicated to their work as health care professionals. 

Volunteers learn about the goals and philosophy of hospice care, hospice services, terminal illnesses, communication skills, physical care and emotional support, family relationships, grief, and bereavement and safety precautions. 

Volunteer Opportunities

Patient Care Volunteer

Training required, time commitment of four house a week when assigned to a patient

  • Listen to concerns and provide emotional and spiritual support for patient and caregivers
  • Provide companionship for the patient
  • Provide respite patient visits to allow the caregiver a break
  • Read to the patient or do activities together
  • Run errands to take away the daily pressure of caregiving.
  • Serve as a comfort to patients and families being cared for at the INTEGRIS Hospice House or another long-term care facility.

Community Outreach Volunteer

     Training required; hours vary by assignment

  • Attend United Way Agency Fairs and community health fairs

Office Volunteer

Training required

  • Assist in the office by answering phones or handling mailings and other projects.

Training is free to those who are working to become a hospice volunteer.

For more information call Amanda Blankenship, manager Volunteer Services at 405-848-8884 or e-mail [email protected].