INTEGRIS Mental Health Spencer

Mental Health Assessment Team

The INTEGRIS Mental Health Assessment Team (MAT) is a group of experienced mental health professionals available through INTEGRIS Mental Health to provide the community with a free 24-hour assessment service. Our professionals determine the clinical needs of the client and match those needs with appropriate avenues of assistance.

Contact Us: 24-hour INTEGRIS Mental Health Line: 405-951-2273

The MAT provides assessment for children and adolescents, adult, geriatric clients and chemical dependency patients. The MAT works in concert with professionals and their clients to determine the level of care needed.

Emergency room personnel, physicians, businesses, schools and other professionals can benefit. The MAT will assess clients who may be experiencing difficulty with depression, anxiety, chemical dependency or other acute situations. The MAT clinician will complete the assessment and aid the client in establishing contact with the right mental health professional or facility.