INTEGRIS James R. Daniel Stroke Center

About the INTEGRIS James R. Daniel Stroke Center

The INTEGRIS James R. Daniel Stroke Center™, located on the campus of INTEGRIS Southwest Medical Center, has been established to respond to the escalating numbers of stroke. Part of the Southwest Neuroscience Institute, our Stroke Center offers an innovative and comprehensive process for treating survivors of stroke, including educational opportunities designed to raise awareness about the risk factors of stroke, how to minimize them, and how to respond should the signs of a stroke present themselves to you or a loved one.

The Stroke Center provides multidisciplinary stroke care to all persons in our community – including prevention, treatment and rehabilitation with a commitment to excellence, integrity and compassion.


  • To provide multi-disciplinary stroke care to each person needing it in our community
  • To include prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation with a commitment to excellence, integrity and compassion


  • Nationally recognized as a leader in stroke outcomes and rehabilitation
  • Most trusted resource for the outlying communities in our region for stroke education, innovation and evidence-based care


  • Deliver evidence-based stroke care by using standardized protocols and care competencies for staff providing stroke treatment.
  • Provide professional education on acute stroke prevention, hyper-acute management, secondary stroke prevention and rehabilitation to physicians, nurses, emergency medical and allied health professionals across the state of Oklahoma
  • Increase awareness of stroke prevention, warning signs and appropriate emergency responses to members of our community
  • Offer stroke patients and their caregivers encouragement and hope through our stroke peer support program at both acute care and rehabilitation

Why choose the James R. Daniel Stroke Center

  • Improved efficiency of patient care
  • Fewer post-stroke complications
  • Increased use of acute stroke therapies
  • Reduced morbidity and mortality
  • Improved long-term outcomes
  • Reduced costs to health care system
  • Increased patient and provider satisfaction
Funding and Endowments

Donations can be utilized for patient education, employee continuing education, equipment and medical needs identified for patients, including the expansion of services. Please visit the INTEGRIS Foundations website for more information. Gifts are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.