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Kids Can Be Stroke Heroes

Children can easily learn to recognize warning signs of stroke and be “stroke heroes” by knowing how to help save a life or disability in a stroke. In addition, they can also have a beneficial influence on their parents and families by bringing home the stroke message from school. Providing stroke education to children can be done simply and effectively by using strategies and materials that are brief, upbeat and concise. This project utilized a 25-minute program for fifth-grade classes, which included handouts, a short video showing stroke symptoms, and calling 911. Pretest for stroke knowledge (warnings signs and call 911) and post-test results (three weeks to three months post-presentation) showed strongest recognition of stroke symptoms, especially slurred speech and one-sided weakness. Most gratifying is the high number of students who knew to call 911 for emergency help.

Goals and Objectives

  • Describe format for teaching children about stroke warning signs/symptoms and appropriate emergency response.
  • Demonstrate strategies for enhancing stroke education efforts in schools.
  • Identify educational materials for use in school stroke education programs.


Students in elementary grades and higher CAN be taught to recognize the warning signs and symptoms of stroke, and thus become Stroke HEROES.

They can teach parents, grandparents and other family members the warning signs of stroke and to call 911 – just as they learned to Act FAST!

Children's Letters
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Child's Letter
Child's Letter
Child's Letter
Child's Letter
Child's Letter
Child's Letter

Stroke Lesson Plans

Lesson plans were generously developed and provided by graduate students from the University of Central Oklahoma College of Education, and are available for free download. These can be altered to meet the individual learning needs in any classroom.

This program can be replicated not only in schools but also in churches, civic organizations, or any other entity with school-aged children. It can be reproduced in its entirety or in part, and in urban or rural communities, regardless of size.

Any educational or health professional can easily pick up these lesson plans and teach the Act FAST stroke program within their own community setting, no matter what type organization is providing the classroom.

Download Lesson Plans