INTEGRIS James R. Daniel Stroke Center

INTEGRIS Stroke Awareness, Prevention and Recovery Presentations

Community Presentations

  • EACH ONE TEACH ONE - Learn to recognize a possible stroke in under a minute, learn WHAT TO DO & WHAT NOT TO DO, and be able to teach another person.
  • Are you Stroke Ready at Work - presentation for your employees of 25 or more
  • Lower Your Risk for Heart Disease & Stroke – addresses risk factors specifically for heart disease & stroke and strategies to reduce these risks*
  • Tips for Life After Stroke – provides simple, practical strategies to make life easier, simpler, safer & more affordable for stroke survivors and families – can also be used to include brain injury survivors and families*
  • Stroke Resources for Oklahoma (Statewide) (can also apply to brain injury)
  • Stroke Resources for Central Oklahoma and OKC Metro area (can also apply to brain injury)*
  • Too Young To Stroke? Think Again – Think BEFASTT – designed to address growing increase in numbers of strokes in 20-55yo (working adults) – 1 in 5 strokes (20%+) are 20-55yo. Appropriate for workplace and employers

Teachers & Students

  • “Kids CAN Be Stroke Heroes – Act FAST” – designed for teachers to be able to teach their students (usually 3rd grade and up is best) to be able to recognize possible stroke signs and symptoms in parents, grandparents, other adults.

For more information, or to schedule a presentation, please call Charlotte Colbert, RN, MS, CPHQ. at 405-644-6867.