Spine Injury Technology

Spine Injury Technology

INTEGRIS Jim Thorpe Rehabilitation utilizes cutting edge technology to assist with spinal cord injury recovery*

The LOKOMAT® is a robotic assisted gait device. It utilizes a computer and robotic legs to help guide and control movements in a normal walking pattern. The individual is attached to a harness over a treadmill that helps to support the amount of body weight supported through the legs. The speed and assistance can both be controlled to variable speeds. The LOKOMAT ® has both adult and pediatric legs. The repetitive movement is an evidence based practice technique referred to as “neuroplasticity”, which helps aide in recovery.

The EKSO™ with variable assist is a robotic walking device that allows for an individual with no strength or limited strength to stand and walk. It is an exoskeleton suit that can be worn and allow the individual to walk on land while working on balance, weight bearing, and improving strength. The repetitive movement is an evidence based practice technique referred to as “neuroplasticity”, which helps aide in recovery.

Bioness ®H200
The Bioness ®H200 is a wireless device that uses electrical stimulation to improve hand function and strength. It can allow individuals with limited hand strength to grasp, hold, and release things such as a cup, razor, or key. Electrical stimulation is a proven and evidence based method for assisting in recovery from a spinal cord injury.

Bioness®L300 Plus
The Bioness®L300 Plus is a device that can be worn on the upper and/or lower leg. It uses electrical stimulation to activate leg muscles during walking or standing.

Bioness® Integrated Therapy System
The Bioness® Integrated Therapy System is a computer system that can be used in sitting or standing. It helps to incorporate balance, coordination, as well as memory and reaction time. There are many different games and activities that can be individualized for each patient and their goals.

Galileo® Whole Body Vibration System
Galileo® Whole Body Vibration System is an alternating vibration system that can be used in sitting or standing. The alternating vibration helps to mimic the movements of the pelvis during walking. The system can be used for decreasing spasticity, increasing balance, increasing strength, and increasing circulation.

Motomed ® Functional Electrical Stimulation
Motomed ® Functional Electrical Stimulation uses electrical stimulation for arms or legs and can be individually programmed for different muscle groups. The individual will sit in a chair and perform stationary biking with the assistance of the electrical stimulation. Electrical stimulation is an evidence based practice that has been shown to improve muscle activation and increase muscle tone.

Vital Stim®
A system that delivers external electrical stimulation therapy to the throat muscles for the treatment of dysphagia (trouble swallowing).

Electronic Aides to Daily Living
Electronic Aides to Daily Living (EADLs) are used in our specialty SCI unit room. The individual is able to use an IPAD or voice activation to control the television, blinds, thermostat and lights. The Amazon® Echo is also available to learn the features of the personal virtual assistant. A therapist can also assist in setting up an individual’s IPAD or smart phone while using different styli to determine what adjustments the individual might need in order to be as independent as possible.

Aquatic Center
The aquatic center at INTEGRIS Jim Thorpe Rehabilitation uses the properties of water to enhance physical therapy treatments to help with walking and balance. The water can also improve upper body range of motion and strength. Often times individuals are able to identify and see movements in the water before they see them on land. The activities worked on in the water are carried over into land therapy.

*Every individual has different needs, limitations, and priorities. Although each device is available, it may not be appropriate for the individual. The therapists will determine which devices are most appropriate for each person’s recovery.