Mobility Rehabilitation Center

Mobility Rehabilitation Center

INTEGRIS Health Jim Thorpe Rehabilitation is dedicated to improving the mobility of patients. Therapies at the mobility center are tailored - not only to the injury of the patient, but to the patients' current capabilities.


This self-initiated ArmeoSpring allows simultaneous arm and hand training in an extensive workspace, encouraging patients to achieve a higher number of arm and hand movements based on specific therapy goals.


INTEGRIS is Lokomat® - a stationary robotic device that can assist a person whose ability to walk has been impaired is also used in the mobility rehabilitation of patients.


Low-level electrical stimulation to activate the nerves that control the muscles in the ankle (leg device) or hand and forearm (arm device).

BITS (Bioness Integrated Therapy System)®

A computerized system that focuses on visual training.

Galileo® Vibration System

Alternating vibration system used to facilitate and enhance functional movement.

MOTOmed® with electrical stimulation

Exercise equipment with integrated electrical stimulation.


Unassisted upper body strengthening machine.