INTEGRIS Health Jim Thorpe Rehabilitation

Seating Clinic at INTEGRIS Health Jim Thorpe Rehabilitation

INTEGRIS Health Jim Thorpe Seating Clinic is located at our Southwest Medical Center Outpatient location. Our Seating Clinic is comprised of a physical therapist and an occupational therapist who obtain an Assistive Technology Professional (ATP) certification. They specialize in assessing, measuring and fitting clients for wheelchairs who are in need of or who are currently performing mobility and mobility related activities of daily living primarily from a wheelchair level. This assessment process includes a physical or occupational therapy evaluation with the client’s equipment vendor present.

Team Approach

This team approach ensures the most appropriate wheelchair and size of wheelchair is recommended for the client based on their mobility and medical history. It provides the referring physician and payer source with necessary objective documentation of the client’s current mobility and equipment needs. The client and family are educated on the use of the equipment that best meets their needs. They also have the opportunity to trial similar equipment which may be recommended for them during their evaluation. We also have a Pressure Mapping System in our clinic to assess pressure on various wheelchair cushions for wound prevention.

Services Offered

  • Specialized evaluations and equipment trials for complex needs
  • Certified ATPs (assistive technology professionals)
  • Customized equipment for children and adults
  • Seating and mobility specialist
  • Specialized pressure mapping system to help identify the best cushion
  • Services available during all phases of rehabilitation; hospital to home to outpatient

Benefits of Our Seating Clinic

  • Improved independence and functional mobility
  • Customized wheelchairs to meet individual needs
  • Decreased hospitalization risk due to pressure ulcers
  • Certified therapists who specialize in wheelchairs and assistive technology
  • Help providing support to clients and a bridge between patients and equipment providers

For more information about the Assistive Technology Seating Clinic call 405-945-4500