INTEGRIS Paul Silverstein Burn Center

Medical Professionals


Correct estimation of the severity of a burn is key to obtaining the right emergent treatment of the patient and to avoid over-and under-triage. We want to thank you in advance for taking a few moments to complete this brief survey.

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The goals of the INTEGRIS eBurn Telemedicine program are as follows:

  • Provide optimal and evidence-based emergent burn care while at the referring facility
  • Guide fluid resuscitation, airway management, and burn care
  • Accurate estimation of burn percentage
  • Accurate estimation of burn depth
  • Appropriate fluid resuscitation based on accurate burn assessment
  • Consultation on intubation
  • Consultation on topical burn care prior to transfer/referral
  • Burn patient referral to the appropriate medical setting/resource (i.e., inpatient critical care, acute care or outpatient follow-up)
  • Possible elimination of Baptist ED admission with allowing the accepting physicians “see” what they will receive
  • Allows for appropriate planned interventions upon arrival to the Burn Center as a direct admit (i.e., Airway, Line placement, escharotomies, removal of tar, surgical interventions, etc.)