INTEGRIS Paul Silverstein Burn Center

Pre-Hospital Care for Burn Patients

Should you or someone know get burned, follow the steps below and seek immediate medical care.

Stop the Burning Process

Remove clothing and jewelry for the burned areas. Use Universal Precautions. Serious wound exudate may contain bloodborne pathogens.

Do a Primary Survey

Assess for airway breathing, circulatory and C-Spine injuries.

Do a Secondary Survey

Assess burn extent and depth; assess and treat other trauma.

Cover the Burns

Use a clean, dry covering to minimize pain, evaporative loss and wound contamination.

Prevent Hypothermia

Cover the patient with blankets to prevent loss of body heat.

Transport Immediately

Get to the nearest Emergency Room immediately. Do not delay to start IV's.

High Flow Oxygen

If signs of inhalation occur, give high flow oxygen by NRBM. Intubate early for respiratory distress.

Electrical Injuries

Monitor cardiac status closely and assess for associated trauma.

Chemical Injuries

Dissipate the chemicals by flushing wound with running water for 20 minutes. Continue flushing eyes until a physician assesses the ocular damage. Brush off loose, dry chemicals before flushing.