INTEGRIS Health Weight Loss Center

Traveling and Your Bariatric Diet

Plan Ahead

  • Know your travel itinerary
  • Keep a running list of to-dos and items to bring
  • Start the week before your trip and avoid last minute trips and anxiety
  • Try to have an idea of what each day will look like: Am I on the plane or road? Am I visiting someone? Am I visiting something? (park, monument, etc) Research before going.

Day Time Tips- if you're unsure about what the day will look like:

  • Bring a water bottle
  • Bring portable snacks (jerky/protein bar)
  • Pack Vitamins
  • If fast food is the only option do your best. Remove the starch and focus on the protein/veggies.

Air Travel

  • Should you eat before arriving? Look up what food options are available at the airport.
  • Purchase a large bottle of water or make sure to refill a personal bottle after security.
  • If eating in flight, choose the meat option. The vegetarian option is typically pasta.
  • Avoid grazing. If snacks are needed, pack in your purse or carry-on.
  • Pack non-perishable, non-liquid food items you can't live without and can't purchase at your destination. Like: protein bars, protein powder, jerky, reusable water bottle, high protein oatmeal, vitamins, drink flavorings, decaf tea/coffee.
  • Consider: is there a kitchen at the hotel? Need small kitchen utensils? Need portable blender? Need camping stove?

Road Trip

  • Are you going to allow eating in the car? If not, are there rest/picnic areas along the way to stop and eat?
  • Use an ice chest to pack: perishable foods you can't do without, meds, vitamins, fluids. Use electric or heavy duty versions to keep ice from melting.
  • Avoid grazing out of boredom.
  • Have a plan for bathroom breaks. Don't pick up last minute snacks.
  • Snack ideas: Deli meat, cheese slices, protein shakes (pre-mixed), protein bars, veggies, yogurt, jerky, tuna packets, canned chicken, protein chips, consider prepped meals if driving through day/night, desired fluids and flavorings.
  • Use microwaves at gas stations

At Your Destination

  • Look around for a grocery store to buy any products you need.
  • Consider booking a hotel near a grocery/convenience store or use grocery delivery apps.
  • Utilize your kitchen if you have one.
  • Try to apply the same rules at home when dining out:
    • Research local restaurants,
    • Order to-go if possible,
    • Make reservations,
    • consider outdoor seating if possible.

Back at Home

  • Go back to your regular pattern of eating
  • No need to "crash diet" or "detox"
  • Hydrate
  • Before your trip, consider cooking and freezing a few meals for the first few days back home
  • Practice good sleep hygiene