Brain Injury Rehabilitation

A brain injury is frightening thing to face. But through the wide range of unique, innovative therapies and technology at INTEGRIS Health, we can regain your confidence and independence.

INTEGRIS Health Jim Thorpe Rehabilitation

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After the Injury

A brain injury is a frightening thing to face. Whether it was the result of an injury or accident – a traumatic brain injury (TBI) – or acquired due to illness or injury (acquired brain injury or ABI), at INTEGRIS Health, the injury isn’t the end of the story. Your brain is an incredible organ. It can be surprisingly flexible, reorganizing itself to regain lost function. This is known as brain 'plasticity'.

Learn about Brain Injury Rehabilitation at INTEGRIS Jim Thorpe Rehabilitation

The goal of rehabilitation is to help your brain learn alternative ways of working, in order to minimize the long-term impact of the injury. It’s important to understand that the deficits you might see today aren’t permanent. It’s impossible to predict what the outcome will be, however we strive to increase your independence while decreasing caregivers burden of care.

Recovery for the Whole Person

INTEGRIS Jim Thorpe Rehabilitation offers the most comprehensive range of inpatient and outpatient services in the region. Our interdisciplinary team is dedicated to recovery not just of physical deficits, but of the whole person – emotionally, physically, mentally and socially.

Our primary goal is to ensure you not only survive, but learn to thrive with your new situation or new normal.

Understanding Brain Injury Rehabilitation

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