Breast MRI

INTEGRIS Health’s specialized breast MRI machines are designed to detect the slightest abnormalities. They are also useful for diagnosing problems with implants and monitoring treatment.

Getting a clear picture of what we're up against.

Early Detection

Detecting breast cancer early can make a world of difference in your treatment outcome. In fact if we can identify it early enough, 90% of breast cancer cases can be successfully treated. But to identify it early, you need the very best in imaging technology. In the fight against breast cancer at INTEGRIS Health, we utilize every tool we have available. Breast MRI is an important part of breast cancer screening and imaging to assist with diagnosis and treatment mapping.

Breast MRI

A breast MRI is remarkably similar to a traditional MRI used for diagnosing a variety of diseases. The scans INTEGRIS Health patients receive are done on a state-of-the-art specialized machine designed to detect the slightest abnormalities. They are also useful for the following:

  • Viewing and diagnosing problems with breast implants
  • Determining the state of breast cancer after diagnosis
  • Locating and assessing multiple tumors
  • Determining the spread rate of the cancer
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of chemotherapy

If you are in need of a breast MRI, call your local INTEGRIS Health clinic today or schedule by calling 1-855-MYMAMMO.

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