Cardiac Rehabilitation

After a cardiac event, you know exercise is important. But you also know overdoing it could be dangerous. That’s where INTEGRIS Health Cardiac Rehabilitation comes in, with a supervised exercise and education program.

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Cardiac Rehabilitation

It's hard to know how to find a path back to healthy living after a cardiac event – or even just a diagnosis of a cardiac problem. Cardiac rehabilitation is a personalized program focused on education and exercise. You will work with exercise physiologists and a larger team of physicians, registered nurses and registered dietitians who will help you meet your personal goals.

Your caregiver may recommend cardiac rehab if your medical history includes the following:

How Cardiac Rehabilitation Helps

There are multiple benefits to enrolling in cardiac rehabilitation that apply to both the short and long term. They include the following:

  • Reducing stress
  • Relieving symptoms of heart problems
  • Strengthening your heart after a heart attack
  • Building healthier habits, such as nutrition
  • Increasing energy and strength to make daily activities easier
  • Making you more likely to take your prescribed medications
  • Improving your mood
  • Preventing future illness and death from heart disease

Next Steps

Before you start cardiac rehabilitation, review these steps.

  • Check with your insurance carrier to see if cardiac rehab is covered
  • Tell your physician you want to participate in the program. We can fax the necessary paperwork to your physician.

The INTEGRIS Heart Hospital is dedicated to providing exceptional cardiovascular care to patients, with a comprehensive range of services and advanced treatment options. With a team of highly skilled cardiologists, surgeons, and support staff, they strive to deliver personalized care tailored to each patient's unique needs. From preventive screenings to complex surgeries, the INTEGRIS Heart Hospital group is committed to promoting heart health and improving outcomes for individuals throughout their journey.

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