It can be incredibly frustrating to not be able to hear clearly – or to not be heard by someone you love. That’s why INTEGRIS Health brings you the latest advances in hearing health.

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Hough Ear Institute

The Hough Ear Institute (HEI) is a non-profit research, educational and humanitarian service institute. HEI works closely with the Otologic Medical Clinic Inc. Audio Recovery Inc., and the Hough Ear Hearing and Speech Center.

Research collaborations exist between the University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation and Oklahoma State University.

Hough Ear Institute personnel conduct research, provide education and serve humanitarian needs relating to hearing and balance improvement or restoration.

Our Mission Statement: Guided by Christian principles, the Hough Ear Institute is committed to discovering and implementing new ways to improve hearing and balance to people worldwide through research, education and service to humanity.

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Hough Ear Hearing and Speech Center

The Hough Ear Hearing and Speech Center was established in 1979 to provide a hearing option for the profoundly hearing impaired.

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