Joint Replacement Surgery

Sometimes the best option for swollen, painful or arthritic hips, knees and joints is a replacement. But you want the very best orthopedist, and at INTEGRIS Health, you needn’t look far.

INTEGRIS Health Joint Replacement Center

Replace Your Pain and Stiffness for a More Active Life

Living with a worn or injured joint can be painful and frustrating. You may find yourself doing less and less. In time, even simple things, like walking through a grocery store or getting up from a chair may cause you pain. But you don’t have to live in pain anymore because INTEGRIS Health is here to put an end to your joint discomfort, returning you to a pain-free life. Our fellowship-trained surgeons deliver expert care and treatment options, from traditional joint replacement operations to minimally invasive procedures.

The prospect of having a joint replacement operation can be scary, but we’re here to calm your fears by guiding you every step of the way. Although an extended hospital stay after joint replacement surgery was typical in the past, we’re committed to keeping pace with the latest orthopedic breakthroughs that enable us to reduce inpatient stays and recovery times. The skilled surgeons at INTEGRIS Health provide you with a fine-tuned, comprehensive program joint replacement program, which seamlessly includes the physical therapy and rehabilitative services you’ll need to jumpstart your recovery. 

Joint Replacement Surgery Services

The surgeons at INTEGRIS Health perform a variety of joint replacement procedures to help you regain your mobility and alleviate pain.

Ankle Replacement  Knee Replacement
Elbow Replacement
Partial Knee Replacement
Hip Replacement
Rotator Cuff Repair
Hip Resurfacing
Shoulder Replacement
Robotic Hip and Knee Replacement Surgery
Wrist Replacement

INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center Portland Avenue is now providing robotic-assisted total hip, total knee and partial knee replacement surgeries. This robotic technology transforms the way joint replacement is performed by:

  • Providing a more predictable surgical experience with increased accuracy
  • Providing a patient specific 3-D model for planning prior to surgery
  • Allowing a faster recovery time and increased mobility after surgery

After a total joint replacement, you can look forward to moving more easily. For most people, total joint replacement surgery almost always:

  • Stops or greatly reduces joint pain
  • Increases strength
  • Improves quality of life
  • Provides years of easier movement

Joint Replacement Overview

Arthritis is a wearing away of cartilage. Eventually it wears down to bone. Rubbing of bone against bone causes discomfort, swelling and stiffness. A total joint replacement is really a cartilage replacement with an artificial surface. The joint itself is not replaced, as is commonly thought, but rather an artificial substitute for the cartilage is inserted on the end of the bones. This is done with a metal alloy and a plastic spacer to create a new smooth cushion and a functioning joint that does not hurt.

When is a joint replacement recommended?

Several conditions can cause joint pain and disability and lead patients to consider joint replacement surgery. In many cases, joint pain is caused by damage to the cartilage that lines the ends of the bones (articular cartilage)—either from arthritis, a fracture, or another condition. If nonsurgical treatments like medications, physical therapy, and changes to your everyday activities do not relieve your pain and disability, your doctor may recommend total joint replacement.

What can you expect?

Total joint replacement involves a short hospital stay. You’ll likely be discharged for rehabilitation after two to four days. Within a few months, you should resume most of your normal daily activities unaided. However, you may still need physical therapy.

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