Menopause isn’t a disease or disorder. It’s a natural stage of life. But for some women it can become frustrating and disruptive.

A natural stage of life.

A Season of Change

Menopause isn’t a disease or disorder. It’s a natural stage of life. For most women, it is a season of many changes. Some of these changes can be welcome, but others – like hot flashes and fatigue – can be frustrating and disruptive. When symptoms like these start getting in the way of your quality of life, it’s time to talk to your INTEGRIS Health physician or OB/GYN.

When you choose an INTEGRIS Health physician, you’re choosing more than a doctor, and more than a single INTEGRIS Health facility. You’re entering into a family of women’s health care specialists, physicians and nurses who feel privileged to care for through menopause and beyond, with a complete range of breast care programs, support groups, therapies and more. No matter where you live or which physician you choose, you become a part of this family, and you’ll always have someone to guide you through all of your health care decisions.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

One option for treating the discomfort that comes with menopause is hormone replacement therapy. This regimen of medications contains female hormones to replace the ones the body no longer makes after menopause and is considered by many the best way to ward off uncomfortable side effects. Your doctor can help decide if this is might be a wise choice for you.

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