Pancreas Transplant

INTEGRIS Health offers a complete range of pancreas transplant services, from initial evaluation to post-transplant monitoring, with expert, compassionate, and family-centered care.

Freedom from type 1 diabetes.

Experience and Expertise

If a pancreas transplant is the right treatment for you, the quality of care you receive, and how that care is delivered, is critical to the success of that transplant. Most pancreas transplants are done to treat type 1 diabetes and pancreas transplant offers a potential cure for this condition. The INTEGRIS Health multidisciplinary pancreas transplant team thoroughly evaluates your condition to determine your best treatment option and provide comprehensive care and education, from your first evaluation to your pancreas transplant and for the rest of your life. From the outset, our goal at Nazih Zuhdi Transplant Institute has not only been to deliver the finest care possible, but to also pioneer new treatment methods that improve outcomes for our patients.

The Options

There are several different types of pancreas transplants, including:

  • Pancreas transplant alone: People with diabetes and early or no kidney disease may be candidates for a pancreas transplant alone (solitary pancreas transplant). A pancreas transplant surgery involves only a pancreas transplant without other surgeries.
  • Combined kidney-pancreas transplant: Surgeons often may perform combined (simultaneous) kidney-pancreas transplants for people with diabetes who have or are at risk of kidney damage. More than two-thirds of pancreas transplants are done simultaneously with a kidney transplant. The goal of this approach is to give you a healthy kidney and pancreas that are unlikely to contribute to diabetes-related kidney damage in the future. But waiting for a donor pancreas and kidney to become available at the same time may increase time spent on the organ donor waiting list.
  • Pancreas-after-kidney transplant: For those facing a long wait for both a donor kidney and pancreas to become available, a kidney transplant may be recommended first if a living- or deceased-donor kidney becomes available.

After you recover from kidney transplant surgery, you'll receive the pancreas transplant once a donor pancreas becomes available.

INTEGRIS Nazih Zuhdi Transplant Institute Pancreas Transplant Outcomes

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Understanding Pancreas Transplants

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