Sports Medicine

Our mission is to help you improve your athletic performance, recover from sports-related injuries and prevent future injuries.

Get off the sidelines and back into the game.

For Major Leaguers and Weekend Warriors

If a sports injury or medical condition has you sidelined, the sports medicine specialists at INTEGRIS Healthare here to get you back in the game. From ACL tears and rotator cuff injuries to shin splints and concussions, our physicians use the most advanced methods to evaluate and treat injuries in athletes of all ages. Whether you are major-leaguer, aspiring pro, weekend warrior, or someone who just likes to stay active, our multidisciplinary team of orthopedists, physiatrists, neurologists, surgeons and more will work to return you to your active lifestyle.

Expert Treatment and Prevention

Our sports medicine specialists treat joint sprains and strains, arthritis, fractures, tendonitis and bursitis—common overuse and misuse injuries that typically keep you from participating in the activities or sports that you enjoy. The medical and surgical specialists at INTEGRIS Health use the latest diagnostic technology to evaluate your injury and develop a specialized care plan to get you back to your pre-injury performance as quickly as possible. At INTEGRIS Health, you can always trust that you’ll receive the best care when you’ve been injured, but even more than treating conditions, our sports medicine experts also have a specialized focus on preventing injuries from ever happening.

Understanding Sports Medicine

Doctor Oklahoma Podcast- Episode 5: High School Sports

We’re joined by orthopedic surgeon and sports physician Dr. David B. Parker. who shares information about the types of injuries you may see on the field and how you can prevent them.

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