About Student/Faculty Orientation

  • Orientation is required once a year for all students and faculty.
  • The 2022-2023 Faculty Student Orientation Packet is available online.
  • Please utilize the orientation packet to ensure the appropriate information is communicated to the students prior to their clinical experience.
  • Students and instructors assigned to women’s or pediatric units are required to complete additional orientation prior to beginning the rotation.
  • Please refer to My Clinical Exchange: for all contact information.

Computer Orientation

All documentation at INTEGRIS Health is electronic. The staff will not access or print patient documents for student from the EHR. It is mandatory that instructors and students obtain view only access by completing the following:

  • Students and clinical instructors must review the Inpatient Student View Only Access Guide available on the Clinical Exchange and submit the attestation of completion.
  • Instructor or clinical coordinator must submit the completed INTEGRIS Health Epic Student Access Request Form.
    • Please utilize the most current version of the Request Form available on the Clinical Exchange.
    • One sign in sheet per clinical group must be submitted.
    • Instructor and student information must be complete and include a school email address.
    • This form must be completed electronically, saved as an excel document and submitted via email to the appropriate clinical placement coordinator as an email attachment at least 2 weeks prior to clinicals.
  • Each student and instructor will receive an individual email from INTEGRIS IT with forms that must be completed and returned electronically to INTEGRIS IT per instructions.
  • Instructors will receive an email from the clinical placement coordinator with the network access username for each of the students in their clinical group once a green thumbs up is indicated in the Clinical Exchange for each student in the clinical group.