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3433 Northwest 56th
Building B, Suite 660
Oklahoma City, OK 73112

George Chrysant, M.D., is an interventional cardiologist who practices at INTEGRIS Cardiovascular Physicians located at INTEGRIS Health Heart Hospital in Oklahoma City.

Dr. Chrysant serves as Chief Scientific Officer and Chairman for the Department of Cardiology. He attended the nationally ranked Barnes-Jewish Hospital/Washington University in St. Louis for his fellowship and is board-certified in cardiology, cardiac CT and interventional cardiology with advanced training in cardiac CT and level III cardiac MRI. Dr. Chrysant is the Director of Cardiac Imaging and his areas of interest are carotid and peripheral intervention, structural heart disease and cardiac CT.

Outside interests include soccer and travel.

Accreditation / Boards
Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Disease, Interventional Cardiology

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George Chrysant, M.D.

Meet George Chrysant, M.D., an interventional cardiologist with INTEGRIS Cardiovascular Physicians at INTEGRIS Health Heart Hospital.
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