Rita Hancock, M.D.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Pain Management


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1601 SW 89th St.
Suite E-200
Oklahoma City, OK 73159

Rita Hancock, M.D., is a board certified physician at INTEGRIS Health.

As part of Dr. Hancock's non-narcotic approach to diagnosing and treating spine, joint, and nerve pain, she has performed several hundred thousand trigger point injections and approximately 10,000 electrodiagnostic studies (EMGs). She also personally treats patients with osteopathic manipulation, a hands-on soft tissue treatment that she learned post-residency and has been practicing for at least 15 years. She no longer sees general PM&R patients (those seeking rehab for strokes, head injury, etc.).

"My main treatment tool is "osteopathic manipulative therapy," otherwise known as "OMT," which is a hands-on manipulation technique (but with no popping!). OMT can be remarkably effective at reducing spine, joint, and other pains, especially when combined with trigger point injections (TPIs). To date, I have taken over 800 hours of OMT coursework and have had at least 15 years of day to day OMT practice. OMT and TPIs are about 60% of my practice. The rest is EMG and misc. other treatments for pain."

Accreditation / Boards
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Pain Medicine
Cornell University, NY SUNY at Buffalo School of Medicine, Baylor Hospital, Dallas, TX Residency

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