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INTEGRIS Health's Advanced Cardiac Care program at INTEGRIS Health Baptist Medical Center has added more than 3,000 additional years to the lives of Oklahomans. That’s because INTEGRIS Health is the only program in the state to offer heart transplants and the most advanced care from our LVAD and ECMO team.

Explore what heart failure is and how INTEGRIS Health is providing the world-class care you expect, close to home.

What is heart failure?

Heart failure (also known as congestive heart failure) is a condition in which your heart cannot pump enough oxygenated blood to meet the needs of the body’s other organs. The heart keeps pumping, but not as efficiently as a healthy heart. Usually, the loss in the heart’s pumping action is a symptom of an underlying heart problem.

The INTEGRIS Health difference

Our physicians and specialists have extensive experience in diagnosing and treating heart failure with cutting-edge technologies and therapies, including LVAD therapy and heart transplant. INTEGRIS Health Advanced Cardiac Care is the leading ventricular assist device program in Oklahoma.

The program offers heart assist devices to give end-stage heart patients the opportunity to live more normal and active lives during bridge-to-transplant therapy or as a destination therapy patient. In conjunction with the Nazih Zuhdi Transplant Institute’s heart transplant program, INTEGRIS Health offers the most comprehensive heart failure program in Oklahoma.

Advanced Cardiac Care is conveniently located on the campus of Baptist Medical Center. Parking is available right in front of the building (Physician's Building C) or in the parking garage located right off of N.W. Expressway.

For Referral Information please call 405-713-9911 or toll free at 855-258-3269.

What is ECMO?

ECMO provides both cardiac and respiratory support to patients whose heart and/or lungs are so severely diseased or damaged that they can no longer serve their function, perhaps after a heart attack, cardiac surgery, or lung-related issues such as flu or pneumonia.

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Heart Failure Program Highlights


  • The region's only comprehensive heart failure program
  • Serving heart failure patients in Oklahoma and the surrounding area
  • The only heart transplant program in Oklahoma 
  • The only advanced short-term rescue LVAD/ECMO program
  • All 6 of our physicians are board-certified in the treatment of heart failure


  • The leading LVAD program in Oklahoma and the region with over 550 implants and counting
  • Offer a variety of mechanical support devices, including the Total Artificial Heart and the newest technology, the HeartMate 3 pump
  • Leader in national outcomes for MCS
  • 7 outreach clinics across the region for patients to receive close to home care

For-front of technology advancements:

  • Nation’s first HeartMate 3 implant; the premier LVAD pump
  • A consistent leader in clinical trial related to MCS devices
  • A comprehensive rhythm management program
  • A comprehensive heart failure surgery program

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