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INTEGRIS Health Heart Hospital

Opening June 2024

Oklahoma is our home, and your heart is our passion. INTEGRIS Health Heart Hospital is the most comprehensive adult heart hospital in the state of Oklahoma, providing access to cardiology services ranging from HeartScan Calcium Score screenings, cardiac catheterization, open heart surgery, and the only advanced cardiopulmonary program in the state of Oklahoma offering both heart and lung transplant.

INTEGRIS Health Cardiovascular Physicians, is committed to delivering the highest quality cardiac care statewide and beyond with an outreach clinic network where physicians travel weekly to provide care.

Learn how a $50 HeartScan could save your life.

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INTEGRIS Health Heart Hospital

More Oklahomans die every year from heart disease than citizens of any other state. INTEGRIS Health is committed to building a world-class facility designed to confront this healthcare crisis.
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About the INTEGRIS Health Heart Hospital

Our heart program reaches far beyond our home base hospital setting in Oklahoma City – it touches communities across the state. Starting with a few outreach clinics in 2000, INTEGRIS Health Heart Hospital offers advanced heart care services at more than 37 clinics across Oklahoma.

We recognize the importance of quickly responding when communities need heart care and the comfort patients feel from meeting one of our cardiac physicians on their home grounds.

Patient Information

If you’re headed to one of our Oklahoma heart facilities, we want your visit to be easy and stress-free. Visit the following links for information.


Patients with suspected cardiac disease or vascular disorders may receive many types of diagnostic cardiac exams at INTEGRIS Health Heart Hospital. Below are some of our specialties:


Heart Disease & Women

Heart disease is more common among women than you think.
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