INTEGRIS Health Canadian Valley Hospital

Intensive Care Unit 

INTEGRIS Canadian Valley is home to a fully equipped Intensive Care Unit. Our multidisciplinary staff is highly skilled and collaborates to achieve the best patient outcomes possible.

We understand how much you care for your loved one. To allow you to be as near to them as possible, INTEGRIS Health has a full-service intensive care unit in Yukon. Please feel free to call and check on their status day or night.

ICU Nurses Station: 405-717-7854

Our goal is to provide the absolute best care for your family.

Please feel free to ask questions and be involved in the care process. We ask that you appoint one contact person for the nursing staff to provide a constant flow of information. A marker board is provided for this purpose in the patient's room or a note can also be left in the chart. This allows the staff to focus more on patient care.

ICU Waiting Room: 405-717-7859

Please feel free to take advantage of the ice machine and coffee maker in the waiting room. When supplies are needed, please call the ICU desk at extension 77850.

A phone is provided for local calls. Dial (8) to get an outside line. If the phone in the waiting room rings, please feel free to answer.


Visitors are welcome anytime except 6 a.m. to 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. These hours are reserved for shift change in the unit.

 There will be times when you are asked to step out of the room or return to the waiting room while we attend to the needs of your loved one.

 We will do our best to keep you informed and involved.

ICU Guidelines

  • Visitors are limited to two (2). Two visitors are allowed at the discretion of the nurse and condition of the patient
  • Some patients and family may request no visitors. We respect those wishes
  • No persons under the age of 14 please
  • Artificial plants may be placed in the patient's room. Live plants can be placed at the nurses' station just outside the patient's window
  • Due to safety regulations, no incense or open flame candles please
  • Please refrain from bringing food and/or drinks into the ICU