Weight Loss Seminars

Weight Loss Seminars

The INTEGRIS Health Weight Loss Center provides an opportunity for you to choose between an in-person or online seminar to get you started on your weight loss journey.

In-Person Seminars

In-person seminars are offered the second Monday of each month at INTEGRIS Health Baptist Medical Center. Please click below to register for the in-person seminars.

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Online Weight Loss Seminar

To get started with the online seminar, we need to collect a little information from you. Please complete the screening form below. It's important to provide accurate insurance information. Once the form is completed, you will be directed to the first video. You will watch a series of four videos and take a quiz following each.

You must view each video in its entirety and then complete the short quiz directly below the video. Get started by filling out and submitting the screening form below.

Please allow adequate time to complete all four seminar videos (2 hours) and four quizzes.

The INTEGRIS Health Weight Loss Center is proud to have four surgeons who perform surgical weight loss procedures at INTEGRIS Health Baptist Medical Center. If you have a preference for a particular surgeon, please ensure that you choose the surgeon you wish to see at the end of the seminar. If you do not have a preference, you may choose No Preference at the end of the seminar, and a surgeon within the INTEGRIS Health Weight Loss Center program will be chosen for you. Choosing no preference or a specific surgeon will not change the timeframe for processing your information and scheduling your first appointment.

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