Have your prescriptions delivered to your bedside prior to being discharged from the hospital.


Many patients leaving the hospital never have their medicines filled at a pharmacy, which can lead to health problems and a possible return to the hospital.

Our on-site pharmacy offers a Meds-to-Go service that will deliver your prescriptions and over-the-counter medicines to your room on the day you go home at no extra cost.

Reasons to Use the Meds-to-Go Free Service

  • One less stop on your way home
  • Start your medicines without delay
  • One-on-one teaching at your bedside by our pharmacy experts
  • Competitively priced medicines

How does Meds-to-Go work?

Ask your nurse to find out if you can benefit from this service.

A pharmacy caregiver will be notified and will schedule a confidential visit or phone call with you to collect information ahead of time to be able to fill your prescriptions the day you go home.

Behind the scenes during your hospital stay, our pharmacy caregivers will review any new prescriptions with your medication history and medical conditions.

Your medicines will be delivered to you in your room on the day you leave the hospital.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still use my home pharmacy later?

Our service is flexible. You can use the Meds-to- Go service to get your medicines from our on-site pharmacy the day you leave the hospital and still get future prescriptions at your home pharmacy.

Are the medicines more expensive because I’m filling at the hospital?

We work with your insurance company to provide medicines at the same price as other neighborhood pharmacies.

  • Low price guarantee
  • $4 generic drug plan available
  • Prescriptions are covered by most insurance plans including Medicaid and Medicare Part B and D

When do I pay for these medicines?

Your medications will be delivered the day you leave the hospital. Please have cash or credit card available to pay for your prescription at that time. 

When is the service available?

The Meds-to-Go service is available Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

If you would like more information, please ask your nurse to schedule a free Meds-to-Go visit from one of our pharmacy caregivers.