Advance Directive

This legal document outlines the medical decisions you’ve made for yourself.

It’s a roadmap your family and friends can follow should you be unable to make choices because you’ve been incapacitated. You can revisit and revise your advance directive at any time as your situation or health changes. It is a great gift you can give the people who will likely attempt to make decisions on your behalf under emotionally difficult times.

An advance directive allows you to designate a health care proxy. This articulates and formalizes your wish to appoint someone else to make medical decisions if you cannot, ensuring your medical treatment instructions are carried out. Without a health care proxy, your doctor may provide you with medical treatment you would have refused if you were able. If you later regain capacity, you will be back in charge of your medical decisions; the health care proxy will have no effect. A health care proxy only takes effect when medical treatment is needed and two doctors determine you are unable to communicate your treatment preferences.

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