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Integrative Medicine Minute with Juli Johnson #2: Why an Anti-Inflammatory Diet is Good for Your Health

The topic of how Americans care for their health hits the news every day. But no matter where you land on the debate, it seems like now, more than ever before, people are interested in alternatives to conventional health care.

That’s where Integrative Medicine comes in. It is one of the most important ideas in “wellness” and has become more mainstream in recent years. Integrative Medicine sees health as a personal journey, one that stretches beyond just being disease-free. It focuses on caring for the whole human being — mind, body and spirit — and not just flesh, bones and organs.

Today is the second installment in a new video series with Juli Johnson, who is an APRN and Integrative Medicine practitioner at INTEGRIS. In this video Juli discusses an anti-inflammatory diet and why it’s so important for good health.

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Thank you for watching Juli’s short video series. If you still need to catch up, here are all the videos to help you start living a healthier, integrated life today.

Juli Johnson works at the INTEGRIS Cancer Institute,where she is an Integrative Medicine practitioner. Juli is an advanced practice nurse who has been with INTEGRIS since 2000. In 2014, she graduated from the Fellowship in Integrative Medicine program at the University Of Arizona College of Medicine, where she studied under the Integrative Medicine pioneer Andrew Weil, M.D. Juli offers an Integrative Medicine clinic every Tuesday at the INTEGRIS Cancer Institute Wellness Center. If you’d like to talk to Juli about Integrative Medicine give her a call at 405-773-6400.

Integrative Medicine Minute with Juli Johnson


Integrative Medicine Minute with Juli Johnson: Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Today's tip focuses on an anti-inflammatory diet and why it's so important for good health.