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INTEGRIS Health offers a full spectrum of health just for men and we’ll be by your side to help.

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The Stronger Sex?

We’ve always heard that men are the stronger sex. But not when it comes to health issues. Most men avoid doctors and hospitals, and we often ignore symptoms until it’s too late. As a result, we’re likely to die about seven years earlier than our female counterparts – and we’re 40% more likely to die at any age. There’s also a 50% chance we’ll develop cancer at some point in our lives.

It makes sense if you think about it. Throughout history, men have been taught ignore or hide pain. Our individual health always took a backseat to the well-being of the country, the tribe, the group or the family. But in modern times, overlooking your own health means you might not be there when your country or family needs you.

We’re With You

That’s why INTEGRIS Health offers a full spectrum of health just for men, and it starts with prioritizing your health through the free screenings, events and information. And if the time comes, we’re with you with the most advanced care available for issues like testicular cancer, prostate cancer, sports medicine, erectile dysfunction, male infertility, cardiovascular disease and more. If you can master two numbers – your blood pressure and cholesterol – you can make a huge difference in your length and quality of life. And we’ll be by your side to help.

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