Your nervous system one of the most mysterious and complex entities known to man, and the diseases that affect can be just as perplexing.

Your body’s most mysterious organ.

The Enigma

Your nervous system (the brain, spinal cord and nerves) is one of the most mysterious and complex entities known to man. So, the diseases and disorders that affect it tend to be just as perplexing. Fortunately, the men and women who study neurology have made it their life's mission to uncover the mysteries and solve the enigmas of the brain and nervous system.

The Solution

Together with our comprehensive team of neurologists, neurosurgeons and neuroscience specialists, we'll do all we can to understand your neurological problem and fix it. Even if there is no cure, there's a lot we can do to alleviate the symptoms, help you learn to live with the disorder and develop skills to cope with its challenges. The bottom line is that together, we can do this.

Working Together

Problems involving your brain, spinal cord and nerves eventually affect every part of your life and body – that's why our neurologists work in tandem with INTEGRIS Jim Thorpe Rehabilitation and the extensive range of unique therapies it brings to patients like you. We also use the TeleHealth Network, so no matter where you are in Oklahoma, you can connect with the specialists you need.



Neurology Services