INTEGRIS Health Community Giving Fund - Kay and Woodward County

INTEGRIS Health has established priorities for improving community health for 2023 through 2025. These priorities are identified through a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) conducted in the Oklahoma communities INTEGRIS Health serves. The INTEGRIS health Community Giving Fund aligns giving with the INTEGRIS Health community health priorities.

Your application must be submitted before the October 27, 2023, deadline. Applications that fail to meet the criteria or are otherwise incomplete will not be considered. All decisions concerning INTEGRIS Community Fund grants made by the Grant Committee will be final.

By submitting the application, the organization is applying for consideration as a recipient of an INTEGRIS Health Community Fund Grant and has submitted the information required.

Please complete the application below. A copy of the application will be emailed to the address provided.

Grant Timeline
Grant Application Deadline January 19. 2024
Grant Award Notification February 2024
Grants Funded March 2024
Quarterly Reports Due from Grantees 6/30/24, 9/30/24, 12/31/24

Grant requests must align with at least one of the following to apply.

  • Access to Care – Improve access to medical care services, behavioral health, or substance use treatment. Improve the prevention, detection, treatment and/or management of depression, and reduce suicide rates.
    • Mental Health Care: Programming that provides increased mental health and substance abuse treatment access.
    • Obesity: Programming that provides evidence-based education and prevention.
    • Chronic Disease: Programming that provides primary, diagnostic, or preventative services.
  • Access to Healthy Food – Improve access to healthy and affordable food and knowledge of healthy food and lifestyle choices.
  • Tobacco Use Prevention – Reduce vaping, electronic cigs, tobacco use and secondhand smoke exposure.

Service Areas

The organization’s program must take place within one of the following counties:

  • Kay
  • Woodward

Who is Eligible to Apply?

  • 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations serving the above service areas.
  • Nonexempt organizations such as community groups, schools, local government agencies, or state or city-connected agencies may apply as long as the funding requested is for programs for the public located in the service areas listed above.

Funds will not be granted to the following:

  • Political Organization
  • Capital Campaigns
  • Fund-raising Events
  • Research Programs
  • Vehicle Purchases
  • Clinical Equipment
  • Facility Construction

Additional Documentation Required

  • One-page cover letter
  • Letter designating 501(c)3 Status
  • Itemized program budget for the specific program for which you are requesting funds
  • Current list of Board of directors

How to Apply

Step 1. Complete & Submit Application: By the January 19, 2024 deadline.

  • Scroll down to complete your application below.

Step 2. Email Mike Chavez at [email protected]: Once the application has been submitted, forward all attachments listed below to Mike Chavez by January 19, 2024.

  • One-page cover letter
  • Letter designating 501(c)3 Status
  • Itemized program budget for the specific program for which you are requesting funds
  • Current list of board of directors

Step 3. Grant Award Notifications sent March 2024.

Additional Information

  • Application must be submitted by the deadline; late submission will not be considered.
  • All requirements must be submitted with the application. Incomplete applications or applications not meeting the criteria will not be considered.
  • Organizations receiving grant funding during the past funding cycles from INTEGRIS Health are still eligible to submit an application for this cycle. 

INTEGRIS Health Community Giving Fund Grant Application

Assessment of the Need

Response to the Need

Describe program strategies that meet the need by providing the following:

Please provide a narrative explaining how each cost for the project was estimated.

This narrative should justify the overall cost of the project/activity. For example, describe how many participants you expect to serve, the unit cost of serving each participant, and how this cost was determined. (Note: All funds granted are to be spent and results reported during the grant year.)


What are the target outcomes you expect to achieve from the program over the next 12 months?

(Quarterly data reports to grantor will be required during your grant year).


We can’t commit that we will always have funding, nor can we guarantee that your application will be successful in competing against others in upcoming funding cycles. With that in mind, describe how you plan to sustain the program should future funding from INTEGRIS Health be unavailable?”

In addition to submitting this form, you will need to email a copy of the following to [email protected] by the deadline of January 19, 2024: One-page cover letter, Letter designating 501(c)3 status, Itemized program budget for the specific program for which you are requesting funds, Current list of board of directors