Browse INTEGRIS Health Community benefits reports and Community Health Needs Assessment and Plans.

Annual Community Benefit Reports

Since 2007, INTEGRIS Health has published an annual community benefit report, highlighting some of the great work we do in the community.

Community Health Improvement Plans

Representatives from INTEGRIS Health attended the Wellness Now coalition monthly meetings to complete the four community assessments including a county wide health improvement plan. The CHIP (County Health Improvement Plan) was derived from using the four assessments in the MAPP (Mobilizing Action through Planning and Partnerships) process. The assessments included: Community Health Status Assessment, Forces of Change, Community Themes and Strengths, and the Local Public Health System Assessment. The coalition determined the focus areas by the following: community assets, community assessments, barriers, resources available, community input, provider input stakeholder input and significant data.

Information for the Community Needs Assessment was gathered using several tools. Agencies from the MAPP Coalition used methods to obtain data relevant for specific populations. Data collection included multiple focus groups, community health surveys, existing local agency partner data along with the State of the State Health Reports and Community County Profiles. The data was analyzed and prioritized by the coalition. Information was gathered from the Healthy Communities Assessment included on INTEGRIS Health Website. Five hundred and thirty-three (533) people responded to the INTEGRIS Oklahoma County Community Health Needs Assessment survey.

The Wellness Now Community Needs Assessment determined the following to be top priority issues for Oklahoma County: School Health, Obesity, Tobacco Use Prevention, Senior Health, Mental Health, Obstacles to Health. After prioritizing the top issues from the needs assessments, the hospital chose to focus on the following areas the health improvement plan: Heart Disease, Obesity and Mental Health.