Program Overview

Clinical Rotations

The INTEGRIS Health Hand Fellowship is divided into two teams lasting two months each. The fellow will spend six months total on each rotation. This is a fellow-centric program with no residents or medical students participating in these rotations.

INTEGRIS Southwest Medical Center, Oklahoma Center for Orthopedic and Multi-Specialty Surgery, Southwest Orthopedic Specialist with Dr. Avant. This is a busy rotation, including 50-60 weekly cases in both the operating room and WALANT in the clinic. Expect two days of clinic per week.

INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center with Drs. Porembski, Hein, Ali, and Morgan. The schedule varies, but the fellow may expect two days in clinic and three days of OR per week, depending on the attending they are scheduled to rotate with at that time.

Rotation Sites


Bimonthly didactics required for attendance. We offer one case conference per month in which the fellow presents interesting cases and treatment for discussion, and didactic hand lectures once monthly with varying different topics given by the faculty.

In addition to conferences, we offer quarterly labs funded by industry for educational anatomic and cased based dissection.

The expectation is that the fellow is provided microsurgical training. This will include a sponsored microsurgical course offered at the beginning of the fellowship.

Journal Club is once a month and includes city wide involvement from all hand surgeons. Articles are selected and typically presented by residents and at times the fellow.

Hand therapy lectures are offered quarterly to discuss different treatment protocols for injuries.


The fellow is expected to take call approximately 8 days per month. This is primary call at one hospital only. Currently the state shares level 2 call and the fellow can be expected to take Level 2 call 2-3 times per month. Primary call is not burdensome as this is a community hospital and the expectation is the fellow will be called when there is an operative case.


The fellow should participate in clinical research and complete one project yearly. This includes quality improvement projects as well as clinical research. The faculty have varying involvements in research and will assist the fellow in choosing a project.


Each fellow is allocated four weeks of vacation during their one-year training. This includes time off for conferences attended.


Each fellow receives $2500 for educational purposes including conference attendance or any clinical need (example: loupes, Xray lead, textbooks, cell phone).