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Chemotherapy Treatment in Oklahoma

Learn About Chemotherapy at the INTEGRIS Cancer Institute

For patients looking for state-of-the-art cancer treatment delivered with compassionate care, the Cancer Institute at INTEGRIS Health is the top choice. Oklahomans across the state can rely on cancer experts at INTEGRIS Health Cancer Institute for quality and personal care.

Chemotherapy is one of the most common cancer-fighting medicines used in cancer treatment. Its main method of function is to interfere with cancerous cells’ ability to develop and multiply. A number of different types of chemotherapy drugs are available for cancer treatment. A patient may be prescribed a combination of a few types of chemotherapy. Chemotherapy may also be prescribed in tandem with additional treatments, like radiation or surgery.

Immunotherapy is a broad category of cancer therapies that use the bodies immune system to fight cancer cells.  Targeted cancer therapies are drugs or other substances that block the growth of cancer. 

What to Expect with Chemotherapy and Infusion Treatment

One of the most commonly known aspects of chemotherapy treatment is its side-effects. Chemotherapy is usually delivered to the whole body, therefore affecting the whole body along with the target tumor. It is important for oncologists and chemotherapy patients to be in constant communication before, during, and after chemotherapy treatment in order to best prevent and manage those symptoms. It may also be possible to receive chemotherapy in a way that reduces its effects on the whole body.

A variety of methods of chemotherapy delivery are possible, including directly into a body cavity, as a pill, getting a shot in the muscle or fat tissue, through an intravenous line, or topically on the skin.

Chemotherapy sessions are typically outpatient visits to the hospital. They take a few hours, after which patients usually can go home.

Infusion Therapy Treatment in Oklahoma

Infusion therapy has become one of the newest advanced therapies available to treat cancer. The INTEGRIS Cancer Institute provides a team of specially trained doctors and nurses dedicated to the science of infusion therapy; Oklahoma cancer patients can benefit from this emerging trend in cancer treatment with the blend of technology and compassion they have come to expect from INTEGRIS Health.

Infusion therapy deals with all aspects of intravenous drug injections and therapies designed to eradicate cancers and other diseases. INTEGRIS Health has made many strides in infusion therapy. Our patients are no longer confined to inpatient hospital stays when receiving infusion therapy thanks to the medical advances and technology at INTEGRIS Health.

Why Choose INTEGRIS Health as Your Oklahoma Infusion Therapy Provider?

INTEGRIS Health has a long-standing belief in treating a patient’s overall wellbeing while aggressively fighting cancer. When in need of infusion therapy, our patients take solace in the compassionate care from our team of dedicated professionals. Here are some other reasons you should choose INTEGRIS Health as your Oklahoma infusion therapy provider:

  • Leader in Oklahoma in advanced cancer research and treatment
  • Statewide network of hospitals, doctors, clinics and pharmacies to simplify your cancer treatment
  • A team of oncologists dedicated to eliminating your cancer
  • More cancer survivors than any other Oklahoma cancer treatment center

INTEGRIS Health: For you. For health. For life.

For INTEGRIS Cancer Institute Nurse Sheila Wilkerson, one part of her job beats everything else – being there for others. That's what it means to be For you. For health. For life.