INTEGRIS Health Southwest Medical Center

Hospitalist Program

Hospitalists are physicians specializing in caring for hospitalized patients. They partner with your doctor to provide your hospital care. Your doctor communicates vital information to the hospitalist at admission and the hospitalist coordinates your care and keeps your doctor informed of your condition and progress. Hospitalists also care for patients admitted through the emergency department who do not have a physician.

INTEGRIS Health Hospitalists believe high-quality care requires providing safe, timely, effective, evidence-based, efficient patient centered care.

This approach provides many benefits:

  • Rapid response to tests and emergencies
  • Physicians are more available for patients and families
  • Communication is patient and family centered
  • Hospitalists focus on the latest and safest care available in the complex hospital environment
  • Greater focus on your transition providing a better discharge experience
  • Available to assist surgeons, orthopedists, and specialists manage medical conditions