INTEGRIS Health Southwest Medical Center

INTEGRIS Health Southwest Medical Center Labor & Delivery

INTEGRIS Health Southwest Medical Center provides comprehensive services for women including labor and delivery. The 20 patient rooms in our Women’s Center are large and provide a comfortable surrounding not only for mom, dad and baby, but for the many visitors who follow such a wonderful time as this.

On-site Hearing Testing is available, as well as Direct Birth Certificate Registration and Social Security Information Processing. The Newborn Nursery is equipped to care for 24 newborns and to help assess, and care for the new infant. A dedicated women’s unit provides routine gynecology care and surgical services. For women in other phases of life, we also have digital mammography services.

Your most precious. Our biggest priority.

You can feel confident knowing that your labor and delivery, and postpartum course will be managed by a specialist every step of the way. We combine compassionate care with the latest technology with one goal in mind: the safe delivery of a healthy baby.

Cuddle Time

In an effort to make our patients’ stay at INTEGRIS Health Southwest Women’s Center more rewarding and improve the patient experience we are providing parents with CUDDLE TIME Every afternoon from 2 – 4 p.m. Cuddle Time is a two-hour period offered daily to give parents and their newborns uninterrupted time to bond, breastfeed and rest.


The INTEGRIS Health Southwest Medical Center nursing staff works together as a team along with lactation services staff to provide care, instruction and demonstration to help you establish effective breastfeeding. We encourage you to prepare for breastfeeding by participating in breastfeeding classes offered through prenatal education, and reading. Or to find out more about breastfeeding from INTEGRIS Health Southwest Medical Center, please call 405-636-7000.

Critical Congenital Heart Defect Screenings

Getting your newborn screened for congenital heart defects at INTEGRIS Health is crucial for early detection and intervention. These screenings can identify potential cardiac issues before they manifest, allowing for timely medical attention and improved outcomes. Early intervention can significantly increase the chances of successful treatment, ensuring your child's heart health and overall well-being from the very start of their life.

Postpartum Support

Milk Bar Lactation Support Group

Online Childbirth Class