INTEGRIS Health Southwest Medical Center

Cuddle Time at INTEGRIS Health Southwest Women's Center

In an effort to make our patients’ stay at INTEGRIS Health Southwest Women’s Center more rewarding and improve the patient experience we are providing parents with CUDDLE TIME Every afternoon from 2 – 4 p.m. Cuddle Time is a two-hour period offered daily to give parents and their newborns uninterrupted time to bond, breastfeed and rest.

Giving birth can be a mixed bag of joy and exhaustion coupled with the anticipation of starting a new chapter of life with a family addition.

While visits from staff, family and friends are helpful and warming, they can also be taxing on a new mom who is trying to get some needed rest and bond with baby.

Responding to patient feedback, INTEGRIS Health Women’s Services developed “Cuddle Time”, between the hours of 2 – 4 p.m. During this period no visits are made, unless requested by new moms or medically necessary. New mothers may do whatever they wish during this time, whether it be breastfeed, read, watch tv or simply rest. Evidence-based research shows that giving patients uninterrupted time to rest promotes health and healing, and allows mothers to establish breastfeeding.