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Welcome to the registration web site for the Institutional Review Board for INTEGRIS Health. The web site includes a brief introduction to the responsibilities of an Institutional Review Board (IRB), how to contact the coordinator for the INTEGRIS Health IRB, and instructions for new IRB Investigators and Research Coordinators at INTEGRIS Health.

The INTEGRIS Health IRB uses a web-based program, IRB Plus (IRB+), for all IRB submissions. The online process improves the consistency and completion of IRB submissions and decreases the time of the IRB review process. Each new research coordinator and/or investigator who plans to enter applications and/or other research documentation into IRB+ must complete the following demographic data form. The e-mail address that you enter is your log in for the IRB+ system and is also how the IRB will contact you. Checking the “submit” button will forward the information to the IRB Coordinator who will provide access to the IRB+ website. For assistance using the system for the first time or specific questions related to IRB+, please contact the IRB office at 405.949.4184 or via email at [email protected].

Prior to any IRB+ Registration request being processed, the CITI training requirement MUST BE completed. Each new IRB member, investigator, or coordinator must complete Human Research Protection Training at the CITI website. All IRB members, investigators or research coordinators must complete an online module concerning Human Research Protection and related activities and responsibilities of the Institutional Review Board using this link. At the end of the training session, please print the certificate for your records. The IRB office receives notification from CITI when your training is complete. Federal regulations require that the IRB office maintain documentation of Human Research Protection Training for all IRB members, investigators and research coordinators who participate in or submit to INTEGRIS Health IRB.

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